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update from tokyo

Dear all,

Here we are on Day 3. It has been slightly tense since I last wrote due to the increasing situation with the reactor. It is always hard to know whether the Japanese govt is being honest with the severity or not...They have been known in the past to lie.

And just now, there has been a high alert for Tokyo with earthquakes coming. We have just had two 6.4 quakes in the neighbouring prefecture to Tokyo (Approx 100km away) ... it seems to be getting closer and closer!

We have filled the bath with water, have an extensive kit prepared and have bought approx 500NZD worth of food!!!

I think we will head over to a local park to meet up with some neighbourhood friends - might catch a bit of sun too! It is actually a lovely sunny Spring day!!

Will keep you posted.

Much love Jules, Clint & Bea

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