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editing (with sound!)

most of my work is visual, no audio. most of the video clips i edit and either include in work or post online are silent. but life mapping involved story telling - so i find myself in the unusual position editing sound along with the video. actually i'm starting with the sound - i have a pretty clear idea in my head of how i want the video to flow, i'm fairly confident i can synchronize it to match the audio if i can get the audio to do what i want. just want a few snippets, maybe three minutes out of eight hours of footage, but to get those bits, you have to sift through the entire thing - you can't zoom through the audio the way you can fast forward through visuals (or i can't anyway) - so i've been spending a lot of time recently editing. more time than i'd usually spend on a short documentation clip like this. but enjoying it - different is good, sharing work is what it's for, being able to show somebody what we did and how we did it is a necessary step in the completion of a project even though the art has been made and shown.