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something new

or not. but slightly easier to sketch out than to set up.

this is something i've been thinking about for, oh, years, and all of a sudden, wonder if there's not a breakthrough. involving the mylar. (how-to can really get in the way sometimes.) anyway, over coffee ron challenged me to find a new idea. i mean, he said anyone, anything. i said ok, got one, and talked about this. don't think he was convinved. but it's another thing to try out, sooner the better. basically an attempt at luminous reactive painting, if that makes any sense. translucent surface, brush, translucent paint, human, camera, projector, can't figure out which is better, camera at top and projector at bottom or vice-versa. anyway, that's something to experiment with. either way there's going to be a bit of hand-brush interference.

but looks fun to try. excited. still.