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innovation on hold

a bit more significant-feeling than variation. so the weather is iffy-looking enough that chess is not going to happen this coming weekend, may 26th-27th will likely be final wetwork days. (don't yet have a waterproof case for the camcorder.)

each session has seen evolution in the form of painting on chess boards in the park. this detail of a "game" between vineel and stephanie s was created without brushes, using tubes of paint.

and here's a detail from the final one sunday, steph h and me "playing." it's the only collage so far, we took a picture of the chess board, cut it up, affixed it with mounting adhesive, during this the other person could of course with the second polaroid camera take a picture of a polaroid photo already taken of the board during the development process laying on the board, and so on, back and forth, until we were out of film (about 23 pictures, very little black/white space peeping through). very intense sensation, doing that, and it did end up breaking the no-color rule, mostly due to the age of the film, presumably.

yes i'm looking forward to may 26th.