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cone-viewing walk dvd (aai benefit saturday 4/17)

today (saturday 17 april 2010) at 12 noon i'll donate a one-of-a-kind dvd to aai at cuchifritos. details:

opening: saturday 17 april 2010

exhibition will be open
monday 19 april 2010 through saturday 24 april 2010
from 12pm-7pm
at cuchifritos gallery/project space
inside essex market, nyc

my work:

somebody will get a single-edition dvd, a piece of paper explaining the project (printout of the pdf linked above), and a limited-edition pamphlet.

"cone-viewing walk between cuchifritos and dorkbot"

on wednesday evening, april 7th 2010, i walked from the canal street subway station to cuchifritos. from there i walked to dorkbot at location one. i took pictures the entire way. i was looking for traffic cones. whenever i saw a traffic cone, i would slow down, and take several pictures of it, before resuming my journey.

i walked for a little over an hour. i took 771 pictures. in my studio, i made a video showing all of those pictures one after the other at different speeds. the video lasts eighteen minutes. i burned the video onto a dvd.

whoever buys it will get the only copy, and there will never be another.