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in so many ways, it's much nicer to imagine how things might be, then to drag them down into the muck of reality. of course, the reverse is possible too - you worry about how painful it will be to go shoe shopping, and all of a sudden, you're wearing sandals that feel like magic wind-funneling hiking slippers. ok a bit of a disconnect maybe between "i imagine making something but think when it becomes an actuality it might feel sullied" and "i dread this task which is actually quite pleasant" - but similar case of fear, procrastination, joyful acceptance of resulting reality once impetus has been acted upon and the universe has hopefully been improved. yes, we're all in the let's-make-things-better business, i think, at one level or another.

right, relevance to anything? chess. date. rain. permission. surface. rain dates? rain-or-shine and prepare for the worst?

so i had a very clear idea when i started the chess piece. about how tough it would be to actually do the paintings, to find people who were interested, how ugly they would all look, and then how easy it would be to actually show it. the paintings themselves are just components in the making of the piece, like movie props. the new-media installation is the result, a computer-processed video projection which always looks different, a moving painting, something you could stand in front of for five years without seeing the same combination of fluid images. piece of cake to sh
ow - since it was to be made near this massive handball court at a park around the corner from my place, just plug in the machines and let them do their thing - two hours later off, unplug, carry home, boom, done.

ah, those were the days. whenever that was. end of october.

so of course my imaginings = way off. yes it was easy to find willing painters. what they have done is by and large beautiful. yes it was fun to set up and take down that part. projecting onto that wall? that wall is white. clearer and clearer in my head is this image: the surface projected on must be painted. it must be an eight-by-eight black-and-white grid (like a chessboard) with rectangles on either side.

so now, how to do that, in public? hang panels from handball court? when it rains, just let my laptop and projector die? and so the easy part gets hard, after the hard part was easy. find an indoor space? painting was public, in the park, for the public, in the public park. public space in hell's kitchen? build a little canopy-structure and keep it up for a week?

in order for that "tentative" date to become solid, i need to figure out the real plan. in order to apply for a permit and make this happen, i need to commit to a real plan.