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this is a canvas

james and i are working on our collaboration


really hope people (including you, whoever you are) will want to do this!

spring planting will be shown in march 2008 - plenty of time to start something growing in a pot, take pictures, and get them to me for inclusion in the piece.

i mentioned that i want to make this piece a few months ago to my mom. she took a ton of pictures, something like seven hu
ndred i think she said - couldn't believe it but it makes sense, daniel said after talking to me that he believes my suburban upbringing was definitely a key influence in conceptualizing this piece.

anyway, my mom also emailed me a few of the pictures she took, here they are. thanks mom!


haplapnaptap (have a painting? leave a painting. need a painting? take a painting.) is over. we facilitated the giving-away of sixty-two original works of art, fostering connections between one hundred and twenty-four people.

basically everything which occurred last week exceeded our expectations.

two writeups:

many thanks to everyone who participated in the show and made it happen.


still takes forever. hours and hours and hours. the machine works at one thing, i work at a lot of other things, and i enjoy my little breaks so much too - it's a nice division of responsibilities we share.


feels great to be doing work in spite of the hard drive nightmare.

editing again

ok, so the hard drive situation is nowhere near resolved. but today i got a new one so at least i can start making new work again. here are two video still from the first g.l.u. (global lawnchair unit) collaboration. g.l.u. is nuala clarke, erik sanner and jose villalon.