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stranding memory

in the middle of a move which i haven't wanted to blog about (despite being thrilled to be moving). however also in the middle of two collaborations, both have short timeframes but i'm super-excited since judson and i have been wanting to do something together for a long time and katharine and i have been wanting to do something together for a long time. seems like it is actually happening with both. one of the bittersweet aspects of the overall thoroughly-gratifying spring planting project was urging judson and katharine to work on a piece together - realizing i just didn't have the time to be involved even if i had "fit." so right now, it's making up for that one twinge of near-regret.

below are an exploratory image katharine and i have created together in photoshop (emailing an image back and forth, working on it in stages) and also the description of what we're trying to do which, again, we wrote collaboratively, emailing it back and forth.

stranding memory
erik sanner and k staelin
sunday, june 7, 2-6pm; tuesday, june 9, 5-8pm

a collaboration between erik sanner and k staelin, two artists who grew up in the same town yet first met in new york city while living around the corner from one another, "stranding memory" uses the structure of the double helix to explore our movement through time and the falling away of events and memories. captured within a translucent plastic membrane, fog rises, forming one strand of the helix. Images of people are projected onto this fog and as they ascend their movements gain speed. in contrast to the people in the rising strand, video and animated pictures of discrete events in the artists'
personal lives is projected onto the descending mist and slowly spirals down the second strand. on the journey, portions of the images blur while other portions become more focused and delineated.
some memories become intertwined; all are lost.

this installation is on view sunday, june 7th 2-6pm at dutch kills gallery and again tuesday, june 9th 5-8pm

dutch kills gallery
37-24 24th street, suite 402, long island city, ny 11101