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continuing leatherwood chalk

video to come and more details to come. but this is from friday night. (people drawing and tracing people with colored chalk and charcoal in a projection of other people drawing with chalk in a projection of other people tracing people and drawing with chalk.)

making summer shade

finally completed my four seasonal new media installations with "summer shade" last week. i think summer is a pretty laid-back time and i hope this piece reflects that, when you see the finished work but also in the making.

while i sipped limeade, my camera recorded the shifting patterns as the breeze flowed through the tree leaves overhead, and the sunlight dappled on a screen and the surroundings, forming
patterns of light and shadow which were quite mesmerizing to look at. every few minutes i would move the screen and the tripod, capturing different compositions and varying degrees of movement, sunlight-penetration-of-vegetation, etc.

felt very reassured by the camcorder telling me it would be a piece of cake.

in actuality, had quite a bit of trouble debugging the digital (dynamic video) component.

the resulting piece composites any three moments of the hour-length video) but worked through it and satisfied with the result, which is then projected back onto the portable projection screen.
video documentation of the completed piece to come.