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today in video compositing class we drew a bat, made it fly, then created a little "goth" world for it to inhabit - i pulled the non-bat images from my blog, what could be more foreboding than traffic cone ghosts on sticks?

more hope

more pictures from the last hope

color study:

showed chess on sunday


have been thinking about how to transform traffic cones into art.  want to do it in a way which is new and also respects the traffic coneness of traffic cones.  a couple of animation stills from last week:

showed color study

yesterday at hope (hackers on planet earth) shared the work and gave a short talk

the camera has a hard time taking a picture which looks the same as it appears when you're looking at it in person, but below you can see its best efforts - red, green and blue projected onto strips of grey, yellow, green, blue, purple, red, orange, black and white paper. to get a sens of just how off the camera is, look at the right-most strip, white - that looks really vivid when you see it - maybe i needed to play with the settings a bit - spent most of the time talking with people about the project rather than documenting it - will be back today with chess.

open call

if this interests you please participate as a leaver or a taker! thank you!

recent life pictures

sorting through some images today re-realized have been neglecting this blog. not everyone loves pdfs but for some reason i keep feeling resistant to starting a flickr stream - maybe will start doing that soon? anyway here are haplapnaptap discussion, traffic cone and a few other pictures from the last few weeks.