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walking (thinking)

kisokaido on my mind again. conflux deadline is coming up, since matthew educated me about the situationists and guy debord and psychogeography, have been thinking, for over a year now, that conflux would be a natural venue to share the kisokaido piece.

then this morning david asked me what site i used to make my training maps last year (

the thing about this project is that, all along, we haven't been sure what we are doing, exactly. i mean, i haven't been sure exactly what i'm doing? it has gone back and forth between being collaborative and solo. i want to make something that feels like my work (new media installations, conceived as "moving paintings") and still pay homage to hiroshige (who made what was essentially "pop art" at the time, not quite mass media i don't think - not sure what it is comparable to these days). which means that the end product should be collectible from the lower end of the economic spectrum.

more recently, i've been thinking that the situationist influence on the project necessitates "viewer" participation. haven't talked with matthew for weeks or longer, and he essentially told me he was no longer interested in collaging or really artmaking after we completed the walk. i could always do what we had originally planned (the dynamic online collage idea) but i'm not sure that's what i want to do.

so right now i have this idea using a treadmill and a backpack. but i would need technical assistance. i think. and a treadmill. anyway today i will try to refine this idea and put a proposal together, for conflux.

unrelated to my artmaking practice but very timely, if you want to take a walk saturday morning, here's a way to enjoy doing that more than you might usually: