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a little more editing

did not-too-much work on that g.l.u. (global lawnchair unit) video today, just a twenty-second clip i want to be able to share (is what i hope to end up with, not what i have right now, still getting there).

want the unit to get together and make something happen in october but haven't worked it out yet and looks like both the poconos and princeton are no-gos (although princeton could potentially happen this weekend - not likely but the possibility exists).

a few applications have sucked a lot of time recently, and they always stress me out. but that's part of it - you need to have resources and venues to make and share the work right? anyway, now i'm focussing on sharing what has happened this year (after editing the g.l.u. video i still have never done chess properly, nor color study), could take a few weeks. and the three live projects (spring planting, whatever james and i are going to call our trash can thing, and inferno with judson) all require attention - so, i'm busy, but it's awesome, because i'm busy doing exactly what it is i want to be doing. which means i'm crazy-lucky-busy.