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installed and viewable

color study is about combining additive color (e.g., luminous projection):

with subtractive color (e.g., pigment):

to understand what the different combinations look like (e.g., yellow video projected onto orange paint vs. orange video projected onto yellow paint).

color study is up and you can see it for the next month or so, here are details:

installation went like this:

put up the projector:

projected lines where i wanted to paint the colors:

got some help painting:

which resulted in only minor mishaps:

and eventually a completed painting:

the next day, after it dried, i took a picture of the painting:

then tried to match up the colors as best i could, and removed the background:

put the picture of the painting into a video file where it rotates back and forth:

the video of the picture of the painting gets projected back onto the painting, completing the piece:

if you've never seen color study, i hope you make it to taller boricua, and i hope you enjoy it. again, here are exhibition details:

november 20, 2009 –january 9, 2010
tuesday through saturday 12-6pm,
thursday 1-7pm
monday and sunday closed

taller boricua galleries
1680 lexington avenue, nyc
(212) 831-4333

6 train to 103 street

accessible for individuals with disabilities
free and open to the public