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200 words

in order to propel the continual evolution of my artmaking practice, i apply the following paramaters to every new project:

1) it must must be experienced visually by the audience.

you can’t do everything, and paint exerts the strongest pull on me. my definition of painting has grown to encompass any two-dimensional visual work.

2) it must utilize current technology.

since we spend ever-increasing amounts of time in digital environments, i want to make art which is at home in both the virtual and physical worlds. also, using new media helps alleviate the oppressive weight of art history.

3) it must constantly change, engendering a unique experience with each viewing.

nothing is static. i want to address this fundamental condition of existence through my work.

4) it must be something i have never done before.

i believe artmaking is a method of exploration. i strive to chart new territory.

i use existing techniques in unconventional processes. i have scraped paint off a wall to create a computer-controlled collage. i have projected layers of video onto egg tempera and venetian blinds. i combine new and old media, alone and in collaborations, seeking change.

i aspire to create paintings that move.