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tim when are you coming to nyc next? if no plan, how about this spring? remember when i said "want to do something"? that project is starting, still interested? steph months ago said she was into exploring, maybe you and me do something, you two do something else, she and i do something else, the three of us do something, that sounds like a four-thing interest-packed day think?

how much do i let hang out?

too many details = too much to sort through? well, this is how the project is going, and i figured this blog would focus on the projects - so, assuming you're reading this, you can skim or skip, right? let's say, then, that for now, i'm going to not worry so much about the posting of anything chess-related because the correspondence may be mundane but it's probably also where little decisions that end up really forming the end-game of the project get made. another email:

bonjour! have heard from jim and will call or email him soon. but you, you. first time (maybe only time? but who knows?) have three enticing options for your chesserific paintyness:
- your place, indoors
- your place, outdoors
- the park near my place (my first choice)
- my place

what would you like to do the most? i mean, where would you like to paint on a chessboard while a video camera looks down at the chessboard and records our every sure and false move?

hello and good night

"playing" "chess"

got a few (extremely high-quality) responses from the initial "any interest?" query. it's me, scattered with one thing one day and another thing the next day, who have been a little slow moving forward.

but made a phone call (to t's "agent") and sent an email (to montclair, new jersey) and just reached out to michael (and believe we're going to do something so cool together), here's that email, for, umm, reading:

hey michael, how are you? so this is what i'm thinking, for us, to start - and want to stress anything i say is totally malleable by both of us ok?

what i'm envisioning as of 2007 april 09 is that you come over, with your "painter" program (you have a laptop?) and your wacom (if you're comfortable toting it, but i have one, we can of course share) tablet

i hang a big canvas with a chessboard on it, or maybe chessboard-patterned something (saw contact paper at hardware store near here) on the wall, projector faces that. we start with a black or white or grey background on your painter program. we paint, taking turns, with wacom. if can use two wacoms at once, wow, that would be cool - not sure if the machine can be set up that way. i only have one projector, if you have another one and could bring, would be amazing, but that's usually a rare situation.

anyway here's the kicker i want to do this a couple times because i'm also now thinking the one who isn't using the wacom computer paint could be using real paint, then we switch off, just need to be a wee-bit careful not to splatter paint on any new-tech equipment, sure that won't be a problem, just affirming we both feel the same way about keeping working stuff functioning (really trying just to assure you: michael i am not going to dump a can of paint on your laptop if you bring one over ok? do don't worry about this) (you can see i sometimes think in worst-case scenarios and build up from there)

anyway one more question can i have your permission to post pretty much any bit of our e-correspondence to my blog? and of course will remove anytime you want? but this goes up for starters? talk to you soon?

oh scheduling - this saturday is all-day bio-life-art discussion thing
and sunday i'm "playing" some "chess" in montclair i think (=hope) (although now it seems, would be fun for mr. montclair and team to come to nyc i bet) so maybe this sunday if you're free? otherwise, some evening would be ok? like, this friday (13th) or following wednesday (18th)? sun 22nd anytime?

this is a start right?

talk to you soon, call anytime tomorrow if you feel like it, hope you're well, spring is pretty much almost here


post-sending just realized duh, of course we should start (assuming "painter" program gives you background option) with either chess-pattern or even picture of whatever we're going to "paint" and paint on, whatever that chess-board option ends up being