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location picking

making a choice. choices. it has been really nice wandering around thinking "oh, you could do it there, this way" and "or there, this way" and sort of playing with the various images, how it would look, how you would do it, all in my head, yes there's a certain amount of pleasure in that, and of course it's necessary to some extent. but time does pass, and here we are, the piece isn't in the world yet, how is it going to be seen? so, committing, deciding. the idea is choose five spots. pursue them one after the other. if none of those five pan out, choose five more. (quickly.) repeat until the work is visible to everyone who can't see inside my head.

here are my first five choices:
i should take a picture of the first one at night, that daytime shot doesn't do justice to the darkness, the barrenness of it. it's a beckoning chasm. a home for a spark.