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for the past few years i've tried to go to every single art fair in nyc. it's worth the energy. you see work from all over the world you might not encounter otherwise. ultimately i think it's really efficient. it takes a lot more effort to go to several galleries in chelsea any day, waiting for elevators and walking from building to building. a lot of people complain about the art fair experience, the simplification of what a gallery could offer, the relative uniformity of the spaces, the crowds, the "vulgar" emphasis on selling, and sure, there's a lot to bash if you want to critique the blossoming of art fairs over the past several years. but i really enjoy them. part of it surely since i'm not a collector or a gallerist or an exhibiting artist, there's no pressure for me, no quota to meet, no demands to be met. really, though, it's getting to see so much in such a short period of time, and not having to worry about museum guards stopping me from taking pictures. just once a year, too, so easy to surrender to it, like thanksgiving. if i stick to my schedule, should be able to see them all this year too.