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project tracking

after creating and subsequently revising that what-i'm-working-on document (, originally intended to help me figure out what my priorities are and what i want to be working on, i realized that it should be easier to use and update than it was. hadn't thought it through at all initially, but after making and using understood ftping new pdfs was a step i don't need to take if i just make the thing web-based. also began to want to share it with collaborators, curators, people potentially interested in commissioning work, and who knows who else - makes sense to have a link to a thing which keeps changing instead of a link to a static historical document. so, spent a little time yesterday and today converting an on-my-machine thing to an on-the-web thing. believe it will make my practice more transparent, i want to keep trying to do that.

ultimately, though, i view it as a project tracking tool, just giving me an overview of some of the things i want to be working on.

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