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that moment

camera set up in a room with a lot of color.

yet the working-space was very black-and-white friendly.

later on was surprised to find a painting trying to escape the board, but still remaining true to its two-dimensionality.

nothing, though, will stick in my memory like that one moment. no picture, but the feeling you get, when you're making tea, and you look over at your desk, and someone is painting on your chair - that's a really unique and interesting and unusual moment. i don't know what prepares you for that in your life. it's the sort of thing that makes you think "hey, it's not even noon, and this project isn't completed by a month or two, but what else do you want to experience?"

every project is packed full of those moments, where something happens that maybe no one will ever know about, but it impacts everything, i think. the rest of my life will now occur with that memory, of that moment. i think it will make a difference.