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for a long, long time have wanted to paint and use computer with drawing tablet and projection all simultaneously. this finally happened, with ron and michael. it didn't feel like painting, far more time-based-artform sensation, like music or dance. a bit like playing with waves in a swimming pool, wasn't prepared for such a different sensation. exciting. wonder what my dreams will be like tonight. that's my hand, holding paint brush, putting wet paint on a chessboard taped to my easel, michael's white photoshop splotches, he's using drawing tablet attached to laptop outputting to projector, ron holding camera for this picture, and there's a virtual chessboard projected onto a real chessboard, but it's flipped, so black squares being projected onto white squares and vice versa - this is right at the beginning of a collaborative piece, one of three or four made today using these techniques, many more earlier in the park, just painting...