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maybe just one to start

painting, not project. "painting" i mean. christine said i might have to let go of paint eventually. yeah yeah yeah, that's been niggling at me for years. ok, so a spring somethingorother, that's the other project still on the brainburner and not yet manifesting itself in the physical universe. sequel to "autumn leaves" and "winter branches" but still not clear - growth? bud? here's what it looks like right now:

ummm, i need to order a new projector bulb, do you think if i project sunlight onto seeds in earth they'll sprout? that's the first part of the plan, get some kind of mesh, and fill these babies up with the stuff of life... but it was getting overwhelming so i'm going to start with just one. this week i think.

and hope to buy hiking boots tomorrow night, so can do a little practice/training walk saturday, and see how much training i'd need to do for nakasendo. which, by the way, like everything under the lamp, has been done: