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i walked over eleven miles today

first lessons = hydrate; take a good map; be able to change camera battery or memory card while walking in the rain; this (kisokaido) is achievable

kisokaido = nakasendo

don't know why more than one name but that's presumably learnable. anyway seem to be same thing.

so recently i got a grant, after applying to several different ones, and there was a reception, and i met another artist, who agreed that the best part of applying for stuff is that it forces you to articulate what it is you are doing or want to do and helps refine your thinking and your projects. monday are two deadlines i've been looking forward to for months and months. kisokaido seems like a perfect fit for both. i've been really into building real-world pieces with dynamic digital components, both request a more web-based approach, usually i would just say "that's not what i want to do" and forget about it. but kisokaido has been beckoning web-aspect...

anyway can't do everything and right now will go take pictures and walk in manhattan, related to kisokaido, back-thinking to update another time