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matthew wants to walk from kyoto to tokyo. me too. this coming autumn. he doesn't want to be too conspicuous. me, i want to do an art project, otherwise can't self-justify the time/expense, but can figure out a way to incorporate that and still have meaningful friend conversations, also not make spectacle of selves. so, that's another project in initial pre-stages, really. nothing exists yet, just this vague thought of pictures or postcards or computer and harddrive or video camera, maybe people can print out stuff at home or i can mail things, instructions perhaps for how-to-assemble-this-new-media-installation with your own projector, computer, or dvd player, should this stuff stay secret until i act on it? can't do everything

oh yeah, if you google "nakasendo" you'll see it's a thing, been done, in the past, this walk from kyoto to tokyo, not as random as sounds

and if you read a little about it you'll probably know more than me because i haven't really spent any time doing that yet