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spontaneous projection

saturday night good friend and new neighbor kevin had a housewarming party. after taking down chess from breeze, i set it up in his place. then, late at night, started projecting across the street. not sure whose idea that was, but there were a few of us who agreed it would be "cool" to try. here's what that looked like from the sidewalk (chess is visible at top-left).

think the projector can get a little brighter, but sometimes i get nervous and forget such a simple thing. anyway, several people had suggested approaching alvin ailey, but i don't know anyone there and wondered who to call. also frankly i was getting quite discouraged after all my cold-calls and packets and emails weren't yielding venues. also had been suggested that might be more fruitful abandoning the approaching-random-people-with-attractive-spaces in favor of approaching-people-i-already-have-some-sort-of-relationship-with and see if i can figure out how to make the space work, or how to fit the space. (more fun, too, approaching people who are already supportive of my art, and actually want to see it, or help if they can, whole different feeling.) now it turns out that rachel (who i know through kevin) has a friend who ?heads the extension division? there. anyway, it's something worth pursuing, one of the spaces i hope to show chess at after february 29th, when it comes down from cafe forant.

speaking of cafe forant, there's now a little dvd player and a digital picture frame, both showing more images/footage from the park sessions, so you get a bit of a better feeling for how the project progressed, from collaborative paintings into a new media piece of computer-controlled video-of-painting.