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not sure if i'm done or not, with this piece. had a plan, followed the plan, might need another step or two.

vineel and stephanie are getting married. they participated in chess. one of the ways chess came about in the first place is vineel and i used to play together on the chess team in high school. another
way chess came about is he lent me ray kurzweil's the age of spiritual machines which pulled me towards new media and radically altered my worldview. so, when he asked me if i wanted to show anything at his wedding, i said "of course" and then decided i'd like to make them a special piece, show it, and give it to them. all this is great, except i'm not sure how i feel about the piece right now.

painted a panel grey

while it dried, did some minor programming

to loop the footage of the chess piece vineel and stephanie did together with no distractions in the frame

projected that

onto the panel, while recording video

and did an oil painting

which is difficult for the camera to understand how to photograph, with the projection on it.

without the projection, it looks like this.

my initial thought was "since they used black and white i won't use any black or white, and since they elected not to use brushes (their rule) i will use a brush." after i had done quite a bit of painting, i decided to add white.

now i'm trying to figure out whether to paint over this, with a more limited palette, or whether to add black, or whether to try painting without the video projecting on the panel, so i can actually see what i'm painting.

at least i left the light on, so i could see something.

right now i'm leaning towards painting (palette undecided) in full light with no projection. then, when the piece is shown, there will be three things to combine and project on it: vineel and stephanie's piece being made, the initial time painting this piece with the projection on it while i'm painting it, and video of adding to the painting (not today).

if i still feel confused about it, maybe more steps . . .