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statement (<100 words)

i aspire to create genuinely new contemporary visual art. currently I combine new and old media to build installations, conceived as paintings that move. i employ different processes for each project. for example, recently i projected dynamic video onto egg tempera paintings. at present my work adheres to the following methodology: 1) it must be experienced visually by the audience; 2) it must constantly change without repetition, providing a unique experience with each viewing; 3) it must utilize current technology; and 4) it must be something i have never done before. this propels the continual evolution of my artmaking practice.


not everything works out, not everything gets done, but exploring the different things, you can do or you want to do, is how i work. you try it, you like it, you maybe focus on it. maybe it involves too many obstacles and you keep it in the back of your mind for another time. this chess thing, the germs of it really were there in the late nineties, it was based more about the concept of using a timeclock to collaborate on paintings so that each contributor had the same materials to work with - pallette, surface, brush, time. it has changed a bit, but even wanting to use chessboards, that was a while ago, just never took priority, never had the feeling that there was a park in my neighborhood where people would want to do it, or the video element to really make it something i felt i was making - anyway so here's an image from a meeting with one of my most excellent brothers not too long ago.

you could say nothing came of this or will come of this, because we were really thinking about it differently.

or you could say that these images are proof of a meeting which cemented and acknowledged our desire to collaborate again (last time was sonntag). and we were led to silliness rather than beauty, but now i'm thinking, won't the "chess" "players" enjoy a little play-by-play announcing during their "games"? announcing as something we'd like to do was put forth by paul a few months ago, and we've been kicking it around a little bit, where or how to use it - i think this is a pretty good chance, really hope he can show up and feels the same way.