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works in progress

earlier this week liz asked me "what are you working on?" i realized i hadn't really prioritized projects in a while, or taken stock of where i was on some of them - so i responded by putting together this:

the idea is that this will be an ever-changing document which will help me to keep track of what i want to be doing now, what i'm planning on doing next, what i meant to do and didn't end up doing for one reason for another - i realized there are projects i've thought of doing for several years now - i don't like that, i want to finish some of them up and move on to new ones.

here's an image from working on "life mapping" - a recently-begun work-in-progress which i also want to bring to a complete phase within the next few weeks.

it may have another incarnation as an interactive piece with viewer-maker participation, but i think the initial work is nearly complete.