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go for it

this morning met up with some other artists and we shared work, talked about opportunities worth pursuing, and spoke a bit about certain trials or dilemmas facing us.

lisa has been working on some small "precious" very detailed drawing-embroidery pieces for quite some time. she is having a show in five months and really wants to make much bigger pieces, basically they sound like massive room-sized installation-drawings the way she described them. so what's the problem with that? she has been believing that five months is not enough time for what she wants to do. so she's frustrated - she wants to keep all the detailedness of the precious ones but increase the scale. there were some really good suggestions, particularly aletta saying "what about making them small and then using some kind of technological printing process to blow them up huge?"

but what i really liked, is that everyone sort of looked at her and came back with a unified response - go for it. every single person supported her trying to work bigger and working towards that and just seeing what she can do huge, since that's clearly what she wants to do.

there was a great sense of "better to fail at some grand vision than to stay in your little comfortable i-already-understand-how-to-do-this world of confidence in perceived future accomplishment."

basically, don't worry about if you can do it or not, just try to do that thing you want to do - just try to do that. not what you can already do. what you want to do. the ambitious thing.

galvanizing to hear, galvanizing to say.