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still figuring out which projects to pursue, or complete, immediately, and which opportunities i want to try to secure - still engaging. will likely result in a new artist statement, a more current reflection of what i want to be doing and how i see the history of art, the relationship of art to humanity and the future and the borg, and what my motivation for practicing art is.

ok now that all of a sudden sounds like an ambitious thing to attempt to write. so maybe it won't be all that. but trying to get specific, in terms of "what do i really want to be doing?" for now and for the imaginary yet possibly foreseeable future has been pushing me back to think about the bigger things than "to finish this piece, i need to render sixteen more video clips." in other words, this is the really juicy artsy stuff - the what-to and how-to are informing the why all of a sudden, in a very immediate tutorial.

getting as close as i have in a long time to understanding my motivation, and maybe what drove so many of my heroes.

the other night had a productive solitary strategy session, thought:

(my handwriting is not always super-clear. it says "continuous exploration." i think that's the most important part of artmaking to me. if it's not brand spankin' new then what am i doing fooling around in there? there has to be more out there in the uncharted bits than in the well-worn garden paths. and not everyone maybe wants to leave the garden. but i think i really want to try. it's not just "making something really new." it's "trying to go someplace really new and then seeing if it's someplace you want to invite your friends to come and enjoy with you.")

oh - yes, that's a picture. got that battery charged and put in the memory card and the new camera does, in fact, function. awesome. look out traffic cones. i'm armed and attentive.