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there's something to be said for pulling something together very quickly, without planning, or overthinking - you just start working, it has to be intuitive because there's no time to get away from what you're doing - and then there's plenty of time to reflect on it later - but you've done it, you've made something, and hopefully you've gained something through the experience.

isaiah ( and i have worked on two short video pieces together. each time, we have come up with something neither one of us would have made by ourselves, which to me, is the real allure of collaboration as opposed to working solo. a still frame from the result:

how we got to that point - well, isaiah and i were in maryland, near the water. he made an animation, which became one layer in the video. here's a still frame from it:

the previous weekend, my brother paul and i had driven down to virginia beach, the same route isaiah and i took to get to maryland. on the earlier drive i had hooked up my intervalometer to my camera and was taking pictures every three seconds for much of the ride. those thousands of timelapse driving photos became another layer:

people went swimming! i shot a few short handheld clips of people hanging out in the water or on the dock, another layer:

someone else had brought along a book about the ocean. i took photos of some of the images in the book, panning across different photos, another sort of animation, the final layer:

here are a few stills from what the three layers i put together looked like (the driving, the dock, and the ocean):

putting isaiah's animation on top of all that - well, here are the stills. i was really happy with it.

sometimes i think (sometimes i even say this to him) that isaiah and i should spend more than a few hours working on something at some point. i love the liberating feeling of not setting aside huge chunks of time and energy to work on a project, just doing it spur-of-the-moment - maybe we need that, the two of us? luckily we're both fully committed to a number of other projects over the next few weeks/months so we don't need to prove anything one way or the other anytime soon...