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wednesday, 19 november 2008

thursday, 20 november 2008

friday, 21 november 2008


last weekend went to maryland, with people, wanted to share something, make something, do something. had taken a big piece of canvas and had a vision of "making" - but when i got there, realized i wanted to use basically what-was-already-there, more than anything-i-might-have-brought-or-could make. so, an installation piece.

1) noticed this painting. there were many paintings of the sea and so on, some quite beautiful, all reproductions, in frames. this one had some space in the ocean for something else to be in there.

2) noticed ruthie and julia talking on a [pier] [dock]. filmed them. composed the shot so that they would fit into the painting (had to crop it later - wanted the land to fit on the horizon, etc.)

3) projected the video of them talking (
and the water was quite rough, it was a very windy day, a beautiful day with rapidly-moving clouds) onto the painting.

may post video soon.

a lot of other things are going on...

nola rising

next week, making something collaborative, here is the space, also you can see the organizers. went there tuesday afternoon, what we do is determined to a large extent by where we're making the thing. i had the idea of projecting something onto that narrow strip of wall above the mirror, then projecting a duplicate projection onto the mirror, which will hopefully make the floor look like a river reflecting what's above the horizon, in a way.

public painting

hadn't initially payed much attention to the public art aspect of the collaboration with james merrell, but yesterday as we took the next step it came up. we might even expand the project at some point.

right now, though, his oil painting has been successfully affixed to our borrowed trashcan and will soon be released back into the wild.

work in progress

getting closer to how i envision this piece (homage to dekooning = layers, projection onto acrylic on canvas).

koinonia payload

collaboration between chattahoochee payload, erik sanner, and audience members 4 october 2008.
in the context of outer goodness, translated into english, the meaning of koinonia holds the idea of joint participation in something with someone, such as in a community, or team or an alliance or joint venture. those who have studied the word find there is always an implication of action included in its meaning.
goods or produce being delivered or transported; the net carrying capacity of an aircraft or spacecraft.