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so saturday was a bit of a pre-test. if there are sixty-nine stations and we're planning on walking from kyoto to tokyo in about a two-week timespan, would need to average five pieces per day (photographing or videoing the elements, whatever we see there, which can later be placed into locations in the pieces).

chose four pieces (thought was random to start at 56 but later in day remembered only completed 55 of 88 temples on shikoku pilgrimage and think this a bit related to that)

printed them out

grabbed my camera

tried on some shoes but the only comfortable ones which fit and made me think "yeah, i can walk three hundred miles in these" (which is a bit of a nerve-wracking thought when shoe-shopping) also felt like mini-saunas and matthew had said "breathability is key" so i didn't feel like blowing ninety dollars on little foot-ovens

figured back in the day it was barefoot or sandals, anyway, right? started walking, print in one hand, camera in the other

at the embassy suites hotel (where diva has been held last couple of years at least anyway) and they had plants

if you look at #56, that's what i started with, you'll notice trees

so these will be an option for that lower-right part of that image

and i'll try to have a working test up by friday, to see if this is something i want to do, or keep working, evolving, changing this project