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project x

what do you do if you start a project, and then eventually you abandon it for whatever reason, and then it never stops remembering itself to you, it won't let go, not that there's anything external to fuel that? and after years you think "ok i want to do it but boy does it have nothing to do with what i'm doing now"? you do it. you start it. again. you start to reach out to your collaborators, and you say yes, that was me, i was the weak one who just slid away, but now, this time, it's ok, it will happen - not like a lost romance right? because we all, any one of us, could have given it that frankenjolt current? or so wait it is like an old flame? still paintings, there is still a space to be made for them, in my near-future, there is no abandonment, yet, of pigment and yolk and brush. while project x ressurects itself, of course.