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points of view

funny how our memories work and we can argue about what happened or what someone said or meant or didn't say... we can share this discontinuity of experience real-time, because it's not just when you look back that things are perceived and understood differently by different people, it's as it's happening, whatever it is, we might inhabit the same external universe but no way do we share our life-living sensations, do we?

the point of this is, matthew has started a blog, which is great, because if you really care about kisokaido things you can ask him, or read him, and furthermore, with two of us going at it, it'll be like stereo, you'll read things coming from two sources which should provide a more lifelike or comprehensible understanding of whatever it is we're trying to do.

basically i think everyone has the potential to feel like they're on a mission. not everyone wants to be on a mission, or chooses to accept it. i think when matthew decided he wanted to walk from kyoto to tokyo, he was saying - something. and for me, i want to explore. for example, the paradox that imagination is bigger than universe yet universe must contain imagination (thank you soseki natsume), and keep travelling (which equals learning in my consciousness), and explore the nature of things, the qualities of aesthetics... anyway it was an obvious tie-in with yamanote, shikoku, what i'm doing now - a way to really face up to great work of a hero-ancestor of ours and say "what could i possibly add?"