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still life without stillness

taking a break from the first improvisation. plan on getting back to it in a couple of weeks or so. decided might be better to focus on something a little more concrete with some time pressure built into it - instead of working more and more on "still life without stillness," i'll be forced to move on to each next step regardless of whether i think any given piece can be improved. this is good for me; i don't believe in perfection and i want to keep going.

here's the overview of the project:

i'm working on the installation version with images. here's what i've done so far.

bought flowers:

traced a panel and hung it on my easel:

stapled flowers inside the outline:

set up a video camera and painted the flowers on the panel:

after painting, set up the time lapse device:

and positioned the video camera so that it is recording the wilting/drying of the flowers until i make the next painting tonight:

that picture was taken a few minutes ago, you can see they've already started wilting (the light one top-left is most visible. some of them came with supporting wire wrapped around the stems, i removed the wire on that one. i used to have a florist friend (now a horticultural therapist); she said that it's bad when the flower shops keep the flowers in a cooler, they'll wilt quickly. i want them to wilt quickly. i chose all of these flowers from the refrigerated ones.