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yesterday kazue came over with some of her work. i had been trying a few different things with the video component of our collaboration-in-progress, and we wanted to see what it looked like. we liked it! then we made some changes and looked at that. we're getting much closer to what we think we want a finished piece to look like.

today i looked at some of the images i took. here's a view looking directly up at the ceiling:

all of the others are from other angles, and most of them are zoomed in a bit. the video and the number and position of the sculpture-mobile-things changed quite a bit as the afternoon progressed. what you're seeing in all of them is two projections onto kazue's hanging mobile-sculpture-things and the ceiling from which they are suspended. her pieces are made of highly-reflective silver mylar, and they keep moving with even the merest wind current. (basically they never stopped moving.) the video also keeps moving. so really i should post video - will come later. probably after we finish the piece and show it.

anyway, today i had a really hard time picking just one or two images to post. here are some stills of stills, when i was trying to choose the ones i wanted to show the most:

finally i decided i would show several, because it kept changing so much, we were able to see so many different things. i still think these look like something computer-generated - but they are just snapshots of what we were looking at, which existed in the real world. hope you enjoy.