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still thinking

if i'm not working on something maybe it needs to change. the kisokaido concept, would be a lot stronger with video, the problem is, if i'm walking, the camera needs to keep moving with me, have been practicing not-stopping as taking pictures on training walks, won't have over three months to sit there for an hour or more at each spot with a tripod and get lots of footage i want, maybe recruit high school students in advance to meet along the way and they send me tapes? or pick from available webcams (people still shoot out of their backyards?) and get in touch with those people and ask for permission, do frequent grabs from web for timelapse effect? or start searching archival copyright-free footage?

totally different direction also occurred, ok maybe not totally different - anyway tactileness feels missing, something involving "paint" or "collage" and yes that could be taken from virtual piece or raw-created in our physical environment, then added or digicaptured to change what virtual piece consists of? but it's about five days with no progress on that mockup, and lots of little "what about changing" thoughts occurring, nagging sense of dissatisfaction with current trajectory, must change

ok, after some further thought, more options = thirty seconds enough video? will carry tripod next practice walk and see how the experience is (wanted to avoid having a tripod in my hand the entire journey but if that's the best solution, fine) as well as the result; another option would be some sort of disposable camera, hope that kind souls would mail? want to avoid asking for help but anyway we'll see. best to start with the tripod, and look forward to the days when i can plant a little camera which will fly to me an hour later. maybe that technology exists and is reasonably priced and i need to get in touch with someone from the spy world, or university labs, or do some research...