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what is art for?

one of my goals was to blog definitions of art. and that question looms large in my life, not always at the front of everything, but look forward to engaging in some kind of exploration.

yesterday was a lot of chess email. today a bit of chess email as well. another session coming up, excited.

but maybe more important (long-term) is that i met shin-il. this is someone who is not afraid to address a large room full of people with the question "what is the function of art?"

it has been over six months since i've done that. but i think we have something in common. and i think chasing that answer is going to be fruitful somehow. either way, something not so project-specific which matters, impacts what i do every day.

if you want to join a monthly round-table discussion focussing on this topic, please let me know. first tuesday evening. and if you can think of a good space, with coffee, maybe food, but definitely where a few people can sit and figure out the purpose of art, suggestions much appreciated.