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remember when i sold some used paintbrushes (palette, rag, etc.) to be used as props on a film set? well, the art consultant remembered my work, and she picked up some paintings last week, right now they're decorating catherine zeta jones' character's apartment (the movie is called "the rebound").

and she saw another piece which she recommended to another art consultant, which today was used in a shoot for "the international," hung in the apartment of clive owens' and naomi watts' characters.

this painting was begun as part of sonntag (you can see it in the top-right picture), then i kept working on it afterwards (rotated to horizontal from vertical, added colors). about seven or eight years ago. it's six feet wide and sixteen inches high and it really doesn't look like what i'm doing these days.

but it has been nice to look at these abstract paintings from those days when i was so confused about what i was doing or what i wanted to do that i would "just paint" sometimes. these days the closest i come to that is jabbing away with a pencil on a piece of paper while i try to organize some thoughts. maybe i want to start messing around again? maybe even with paint?