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improvisation update (yellow)

spent many hours today painting yellow.

the first improvisation (in yellow, blue and orange) didn't begin with that restricted palette - so i'm painting over the places where brown, green, black or white are showing. there are a few places where i think any "personality" the piece might have would be lost if i did that, so i'm leaving it - but there are other places where i think it's a big improvement. if you look at this image, you'll see on the left some yellow with other colors (green and red) showing through - i think that's interesting, so i'm leaving it. however, on the right there's some very pale yellow - that really only looks yellow because of the projection on it, that paint is actually white. it's areas like those which i'm painting over.

i mixed eight yellows this morning:

when i'm painting, they look quite different because i'm standing in the projection. the camera has a really hard time with that, so here are two pictures (the colors look quite different, but i didn't do anything in photoshop) of the same thing taken a few seconds after each other - the same eight yellows, while i'm holding the palette standing in the projection:

a labelled view of my studio as i began working this morning:

when i started this piece, i thought i wouldn't spend too much time on it. but i keep wanting to do more - and i think that's not a bad thing - so i don't know when it will be finished. tomorrow i hope to complete the yellow bits and move on to using orange, but i've given up trying to estimate how long it will take - it will take as much time as it takes, that's all i know.

but i'm happy with today's yellows.

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