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the weather was fine and we saw some really interesting traffic cones. had been wanting to lead traffic cone viewing tours for years, so glad it went off without a hitch.


Walking fool said...

Looking at those photos, it struck me that cones and reflective safety vests have a lot in common.

Walking fool said...

Reflective safety vests = wearable cones?

erik sanner said...

hmmmm. hmmmm. will ruminate on this. i guess the biggest difference is, safety vests are generally used to protect the wearer by making the wearer more visible. so, they are typically used according to their intended function - you don't just see safety vests all over the place in random situations, not on people, doing nothing apparently rational. traffic cones, on the other hand, so frequently have no other function than "to be looked at" - no obvious protective or other practical application - that they are usually positioned more as sculpture. vests, i think, are by an large worn and used as they were designed to be. but there is definitely a connection.

Walking fool said...

I get your point. Perhaps we could say their "essential" or "intended" functions are the same, these being a) to attract the attention of anyone within visible range, and b) to communicate to these people the message, steer clear of this immediate area.