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got a commission

thought i might be uncomfortable making art "for someone" (one of the reasons i make art is to do exactly whatever it is i want to do or think should be done, no compromises) but i wouldn't have pursued it if i didn't want to make the piece and frankly enjoyed both the conception and the work i've done so far - so, excited. video stills (just started):


laelia said...

erik - I'm so excited for you! seems as though our group is working. I got into a show in provincetown :) success abounds !!!!

Hanna Jane said...

congratulations! Commissions can be very fulfilling, or a total nightmare (I've had both experiences), just remember it's your work and stick to your vision.

erik sanner said...

thank you both! i really believe this is going to work out well. but i have to admit, it's confusing - today i was thinking "oh, i could do this, or this, or this, or this" but then i realized "hey, we didn't talk about any of that" and it was a weird feeling, i'm unaccustomed to that sort of perceived boundary. still, though - very excited.

Walking fool said...

Looks great. When (and how) can we expect to see the finished piece?

erik sanner said...

anytime after october, when you visit!