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last weekend went to maryland, with people, wanted to share something, make something, do something. had taken a big piece of canvas and had a vision of "making" - but when i got there, realized i wanted to use basically what-was-already-there, more than anything-i-might-have-brought-or-could make. so, an installation piece.

1) noticed this painting. there were many paintings of the sea and so on, some quite beautiful, all reproductions, in frames. this one had some space in the ocean for something else to be in there.

2) noticed ruthie and julia talking on a [pier] [dock]. filmed them. composed the shot so that they would fit into the painting (had to crop it later - wanted the land to fit on the horizon, etc.)

3) projected the video of them talking (
and the water was quite rough, it was a very windy day, a beautiful day with rapidly-moving clouds) onto the painting.

may post video soon.

a lot of other things are going on...

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