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can i get there from here?

i want certain things to happen in my life. are they happening right now? are they likely to happen if i continue on as i am right now?

it is becoming increasingly obvious that in order to accomplish certain things i need to change who i am and what i do.

it is hard for artists to be honest in their work, i think. it is hard for people to be honest in their lives.

it is easy to change but maybe not so easy to recognize that we need to become someone different if we are going to be able to do the things we want to do.


toby said...

are you sure you need to change who you are? that's kinda risky, it creates a moving target. what if the person you become doesn't want the same goals, then you've sacrificed who you are and are still unsatisfied? maybe focus on understanding/playing the game better.

erik sanner said...

i appreciate this, toby. yes, i'm sure. i don't want to sacrifice anything - i want to grow further into my potential. there are areas i'm weak in which are holding me back. anyway it's all just effort, part of an ongoing effort. i think starting a blog was a pretty big change, a year ago . . .