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blue and yellow

trying to better understand the new palette. decided to do a limited color study, using only two colors instead of a full palette, and still images instead of video.

painted a square canvas half yellow, half blue (this is a digital photograph):

cropped, duped, and rotated a digital image of that canvas (this is a screengrab):

projected the digital yellow and blue back onto the canvas (this is a digital photograph). the studio light is on. top left is just yellow oil paint, top right is just blue oil paint. middle left is blue projected onto yellow, middle right is yellow projected onto blue. bottom left is yellow projected onto yellow, bottom right is blue projected onto blue. think the colors look a lot more intense when you're projecting a color onto the same color.

here's a different one (also a digital photograph), just rotated the digital image of the canvas. studio light is off. top left is yellow on yellow, bottom left is blue projected onto yellow. top right is yellow projected onto blue, bottom right is blue on blue. it's subtle, but there's definitely a difference between bottom left (blue on yellow) and top right (yellow on blue).

was surprised both by the intensity of the color-on-same-color and by the similarity between yellow-on-blue and blue-on-yellow.