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how much do i let hang out?

too many details = too much to sort through? well, this is how the project is going, and i figured this blog would focus on the projects - so, assuming you're reading this, you can skim or skip, right? let's say, then, that for now, i'm going to not worry so much about the posting of anything chess-related because the correspondence may be mundane but it's probably also where little decisions that end up really forming the end-game of the project get made. another email:

bonjour! have heard from jim and will call or email him soon. but you, you. first time (maybe only time? but who knows?) have three enticing options for your chesserific paintyness:
- your place, indoors
- your place, outdoors
- the park near my place (my first choice)
- my place

what would you like to do the most? i mean, where would you like to paint on a chessboard while a video camera looks down at the chessboard and records our every sure and false move?

hello and good night

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