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matthew wants to walk from kyoto to tokyo. me too. this coming autumn. he doesn't want to be too conspicuous. me, i want to do an art project, otherwise can't self-justify the time/expense, but can figure out a way to incorporate that and still have meaningful friend conversations, also not make spectacle of selves. so, that's another project in initial pre-stages, really. nothing exists yet, just this vague thought of pictures or postcards or computer and harddrive or video camera, maybe people can print out stuff at home or i can mail things, instructions perhaps for how-to-assemble-this-new-media-installation with your own projector, computer, or dvd player, should this stuff stay secret until i act on it? can't do everything

oh yeah, if you google "nakasendo" you'll see it's a thing, been done, in the past, this walk from kyoto to tokyo, not as random as sounds

and if you read a little about it you'll probably know more than me because i haven't really spent any time doing that yet


rob van erve said...

Funny, wanted to do a similar thing somewhere in '94 or '95. Never did though. Did walk to Santiago de Compostela from Barcelona. Different intention with possibly similar results.

erik sanner said...

ah, that beautiful imagination-space between "wanting to" and "doing" - shoe shopping is part of my studio practice now i guess? tried on a few pairs, thinking "can i walk six hundred kilometers or whatever in these?" and it was awkward-feeling. back in the day, maybe barefoot, right? the adidas said "plein air" which i thought was super-appropriate but if they shoe doesn't fit, don't start training in it, right?