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process views

in classroom of the apes last night, we did shadows in perspective

and reflections

both got me thinking about the shadow world

this morning, that continued, interpreting this: blue = complementary color of orange; orange paint on the sidewalk is where some of the cone [bled] [escaped] [slipped off the world]; in the absence of the orange on the cone, we see the shadow world (blue paint) (lack of orange cone = blue). also thought that this cone looks a bit like a guardian [against] sunlight.

these are solidly in this world, i think (maybe guarding against the creep of the shadow coming from under the van)

then was absorbed in working on that animation. one of the most rewarding parts of artmaking, and an aspect i try to incorporate in (convey through) my work, is all the in-between stages. a painting goes through a lot on the way to its completed state, each stroke changes it into a different painting - this animation is providing me with a lot of images which probably won't be seen by anyone, and they aren't my objective, i have a clear method of visual rhythm i'm trying to follow in order to create this animated piece, but doing the work, i'm forced to encounter one still picture after another

which makes me feel like the pinwheel is actually on my side for a change, doing me a favor, forcing me to stop and look at what i'm doing - never thought i'd feel sympathetic towards that damn thing.


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