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second ape meeting tonight (aesthetic purposes exploration).

before i get to that, please indulge me in some atmospheric musings. vineel once told me if you're looking for signs, you'll find them everywhere. well, i couldn't figure out if a few things were auspicious or hinting rather at doom and foreboding. for example, two pens ran out of ink, one of mine and one of ron's. we didn't talk about it until afterwards, and then we didn't dissect it, but i can see at least two ways of interpreting it. one = hey, there's so much to be notated here, you won't be able to get it all. press on, youngsters, this is fertile land you're exploring. two = a pen is for drawing. oh, you want to think about why you would want to draw? no chance, buddy. oh, another pen, eh? sorry buddy. anyway sometimes encourage = discourage and vice versa. the occasional truck going by temporarily dampening conversation seemed mundane real-world oh right these trucks aren't all hauling art around, but the lights jolting on, and cutting off, and back on, without discernible rhythm, seemed significant, but again, there are a lot of ways to take it, what kind of reader are you? what are you bringing to it?

which is where we paused at one point. so here's some of what was talked about:

- i was urged to start charging out these discussion threads, hypotheses, preclusions; use wiki? use flash? this is something i want to do, but it's also the sort of thing that can distract one from artmaking, feels a bit daunting, in the meantime this blog will contain some sort of record;

- the transformers movie is going to inspire creativity (imaginative thinking) in twelve-year-old boys, as star wars did back in the day

- we may not be conscious of hearing structure when listening to music but would immediately notice its absence

- art which lends itself to multiple [viewings] [listenings] may be engaging us in the process of understanding its underlying structure

- [mostly narrative or representational] art which presents a mirror world is unthreatening in its unrealness [and this can illuminate this world]

- for many practitioners of art, it is not necessarily something chosen, or something one wants to do, but essential/compulsive, in a real sense, and leads to knowing oneself, which can also impart understanding-of-other to experiencer (less fear, greater compassion) (communication to peacemaking)

- escape into another world equal negating this world yes some does, but other maybe cause feeling (reality) of transforming this world into other world

- viewer bringing own visual experience to encounter with work, direct experience with the work then creates feedback loop transforming viewer (from one who has never seen x to one who has seen x for a duration or y amount of instants, constant repetition even if short time)

- give you a different experience which you could otherwise not have. (this came up quite late and was not really faced with too much verve, but sitting here now, seems like a crucial point and likely effective start spot for next discussion)

- each new piece of art a new pattern in this universe; we are pattern-recognizers and pattern-makers; art and we are there fore particularly well-suited to one another and you could end up with a chicken/egg quandary here i think

- we are players in the evolution of a thing bigger than any generation of us

- perpetual novelty


Anonymous said...

Show me a picture of your "art". Not something like the checker board with shadow's... which is art... I want something that you created. Something deeper than a cone in a cone in a hole... something that your own being created. I want to see something you created and lost your self in... not something you found while lost! LOL.

erik sanner said...

hey tina marie, thanks for the comments, really do appreciate it.

well, if you want to see my completed-and-exhibited works, there's a link at top right, portfolio - hit that, and everything on the left, starting with winter branches, is a project (most of them series of artworks) i had a hand in creating, either as sole maker, or initiator or collaborator. anyway the two most recent on there, winter branches and autumn leaves, that's my painting and my video and my collage and my editing and my programming, had some help with moving and setting up and all that, but making the work, was just me. hope you enjoy.

as far as cones go - actually it's really a big challenge for me to make art about traffic cones, because they're so close to art already, and can be appreciated as aesthetic phenomena. it's a little bit like trying to write a story about a sunset maybe. sunsets are beautiful right? why would you want to write a story about them when you can walk outside and contemplate a real one in this world if you take the time and remember to do that? it would be tough, to try to write a piece of music as beautiful as an evening on the beach, don't you think? that's a bit how i feel about traffic cones - almost intimidated.

decided to use this blog to track progress on different art pieces. so you can see how or where i'm getting lost. like the kisokaido, all that's clear is that matthew and i are walking from kyoto to tokyo. eventually, though, i'll make some art, just don't know what it will be at this point. the chess boards, that's all leading up to a piece which will be finished soon. but i'm really enjoying all those middle states. things like those shadows have a tendency to go away when a work is completed - a detail like that, there are so many little details - being struck by them is one of the great pleasures of artmaking, just trying to share that feeling a little bit. but matthew said the other day he's frankly getting tired of looking at chessboards (not traffic cones though). anyway the sooner i finish editing, the sooner i'll stop posting those pictures, i guess.

ok so hope you enjoy my portfolio, let me know if you have any questions.

Anonymous said...

On my way to the portfolio now!

erik sanner said...