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another month of editing?

it's not difficult, but the rendering does require quite a bit of time. there might be ways i can speed things along but as of this morning, it's roughly one hour per game, but then an additional hour if i want negative of each, which i think i do. hope to be able to resolve that tomorrow. in the meantime, there's no doubt about the positives, making steady progress.

back in the day, i met a painter who said one of his favorite parts was stretching and priming canvasses, so relaxing. sometimes when i hit a spot in a project where it's a lot of work or time, without too much thinking, that sentiment reminds itself to me, and i feel free, somehow. tethered to the work and the piece won't get made otherwise, but it's so much less pressure than figuring out what i want to do, or deciding if i think something "looks right" or not, or how it could be changed. this is just making it happen, no hesitation, no fear.

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